10 Inuyasha Cosplay Pieces and Gadgets That Will Make You End Up in Feudal Japan

It may be hard to believe but the year 2018 marks the 10th anniversary of an end of beloved Inuyasha manga. The last issue of the comic has been released in June 2008, nearly 12 years after the first one. Many people, however, learned about Inuyasha because of its anime version.

Original series run from 2000 until 2004, but the 167 episodes – for many – was not enough.

The odd story of unreal, magical version of the feudal Japan is still loved around the world. Not only by the people who watched and read it over 10 years ago, but also those who discovered it recently, thanks to new media, like Netflix.

Today we recommend to both of those groups of fans, the old ones and the new ones, our top 10 ranking of Inuyasha cosplay pieces as well as gadgets related to the series. We believe that you will find something for yourself among them.


1. Ready for a Fight 

Although some people would argue that he is not the main character in the series, Inuyasha is at least the creature (a half-demon, to be exact) that the whole manga and anima was named after. 

We have no idea if wearing his costume will make you like Inuyasha himself: lovely and a-hole type at the same time. But we can assure you, that in this special outfit you gonna be ready for a fight just like the half-demon. 

The costume is unisex and actually comfy: you should be able not to only pose in it, but to also jump, fight and do whatever else you want. Top choice for a true fan. 

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2. Cool/Uncool 



For a person who loves this kind of anime, Inuyasha’s necklace at first probably looks really cool. It reminds of a piece of a real warrior’s outfit. 

Those who watched anime or read manga know, however, that the necklace was much less cool for Inuyasha himself. It was made to make him controllable and therefore less aggressive towards the local community. 

We gladly inform you that his replica of the Inuyasha’s necklace doesn’t have the uncool features. It won’t give anyone ability to control you. Instead, it will just perfectly fit the rest of your cosplay. 

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3. I Can Hear You 



One of the things confirming that Inuyasha is not really a human are his ears. They look definitely more like animal ones and are visible to everyone around, no matter what our beloved warrior would do. 

You know what’s gonna be next? Exactly – we have a great replica of the ears for you. They are formed into a handband and therefore incredibly easy to use.  

We believe that they will not only fit you while doing a cosplay but also on a standard Instagram pictures, when you just want to look kawaii and get a lot of likes from other otaku.  

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4. Like the White Wolf 



The last piece of a perfect Inuyasha cosplay you may already have. If you did not go to a hairdresser for a long time, it is possible that you have hair as long as the anime character himself. 

What you should do, however, if you don’t have those fabulous, long, white hair? Get a wig on the web!  

The one we recommend looks exactly like the actual Inuyasha’s hair and that’s not the last great thing about it. The set includes also a pair of ears so you don’t need to buy the ones we mentioned before. 

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5. Ki(kyo)mono



But both anime and manga are not only about Inuyasha. The series is a tale of different characters, many times also wearing unique outfits.

Among them, there is Kikyo, known of her red and white kimono. And we got one like this for you, too.

The set really is a kimono – it even includes special socks with a hole between the big toe and the others. The outfit will definitely be a hit on a cosplay event or just any costume party, being interesting to both fans of Inuyasha and those who don’t know the series.

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6. Time to School



Ever thought about having one of those incredibly characteristic Japanese school uniforms? Now you may have one, while at the same time showing that you are a true fan of Inuyasha!

The outfit comes in white with mostly green elements. Originally it was worn by Kagome, a schoolgirl from our, modern times, who accidentally ended up in Inuyasha’s world.

The set you can get greatly resembles the original. Because of that, you should remember about one thing – it includes an incredibly short skirt! Maybe it’s perceived as less proper in your own school? Check the rules before heading in it to your next class!

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7. Kagome in Action



Not interested in wearing a, Inuyasha-related costume but still a fan of the series itself? Don’t worry – we have something for you too!

This specific Kagome action figure we recommend may not be cheap but it’s much more eye-catching than the other ones. You can put the character in many different poses, controlling all of her limbs.

Small bow and arrows are included in the set, as well as two different facial expressions of Kagome. For a fan, this kind of set is definitely worth the price!

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8. Cuteness Overload



But if you are low on money, we also have something for you: Kagome keychain mini figure!

The character is styled in much cuter way than in anime or mange. The big head reminds us of a typical vinyl figurine, which are greatly popular in recent years.

This time, however, you can put your favourite character in a pocket! The figurine is only 1.5 inch, so it can travel with you just like original Kagome travelled with Inuyasha!

Let the journey begin!

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9. Cherry Blossom Latte



Have you ever dreamt of having a cup of coffee with Kagome? Now you have a chance to do that! At least kind of…

There are many remixes of Starbucks logo but we literally LOVE this one. Kagome with a bow fits it perfectly, and we would really like to see some Inuyasha/Kagome cafe franchise.

If you feel about this specific cup just like we do, we highly recommend you to order some sakura/cherry blossom syrup to make a special latte in it. If you are not a big fan of coffee, you can choose matcha, a green tea powder, in exchange. Both will make you feel like in a small village of feudal Japan.

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10. The Evil Charm



So far we talked only about the good guys. Inuyasha, Kagome, Kikyo – they are all characters that are fighting with some bad creatures, which are endangering human lives.

But let’s be honest – we sometimes really love the bad guys too. Darth Vader, Frieza, Joker, and… Jaken! This funny (but still evil!) little youkai from Inuyasha is one of the favourite characters for many fans.

Because of that, our last (but not least!) product on today’s list is Jaken himself – in form of a small, plush toy. We just wish he would tell all those weird jokes he does in the series…

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