10 MUST-HAVE Green Lantern cosplay items & gadgets that you will obsess about

1. May the Green Lantern be with you


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We all know that sometimes it’s just cool to have a fabulous figure of that one favorite superhero standing on the shelf. And this Green Lantern gadget really does seem to be ready to fight the morning blues with you. Well-made and perfectly scaled, this 10-inch figure of Hal Jordan looks like it was up to repel the evil. Raise your arm up and light up your Green Lantern symbol! Not enough of perks of this choice? The box also includes a Colossal Cannon construct accessory so that you may fight for the justice at range.

Don’t miss the deal and get one for yourself now.

You can do it on


2. Love your console, love Green Lantern

Are console lovers among us?

Ah, here you are! In this position, we want to propose this fancy controller skin for your PS4.

This is an amazing choice for every fierce fan of Green Lantern that wants to kill two birds with one stone. That’s it! You are going to play and show your support for the Green Lantern Corps. This is no fake; every Green Lantern controller skin by Skinit is licensed by Warner Bros. You get a full-quality product tailored to your needs. Made of auto-grade vinyl for the ultimate player experience.

Spend your time with friends and enjoy your game!

And you can get this Green Lantern goodie on


3. The night is dark? The night is green!

Shine through the night with this Power Lantern gadget.

This is a full-size prop replica that can be used as a lantern. No evil will ever sneak into your room with this universal Marvel symbol of justice on your table. Get yourself a bit of luxury and become closer to the Green Lanterns as presented in the 2011 Green Lantern movie. The world of Oa may be far away but it will be just a slip away with this brilliant accessory.

Why not to try it out since you can have your own piece?

Scare the evil off right away with the shine of justice.

And gets you closer to your Green Lantern superhero.


4. Hot… Hotter… Greenest!

Image-revealing cups are getting more and more popularity.

Be fancy at your office and get one too!

So, since you are a Green Lantern fan, why not to get some Green Lantern gadget too?

Just look at this one. The universe may be cold and dark, but with some hot water it does get greener! PS. We promise, that newcomer John sitting next to you will never ever dare to steal your cup again. After all, you will be a true Green Lantern warrior. Stay vigilant and drink your tea like a pro while staying cool and fabulous at your workplace!

You can get it on Right here.


5. Stay vigilant with your own Green Lantern gadget clock




Late? Well, that’s not gonna happen with this clock.

Clocks are boring (and some of us do have some special hatred directed towards our alarm clocks in the morning) but they do NOT have be necessarily so. Some fun design and here you go. Some Green Lantern design and you are perfectly set. Deliver a righteous punch and get your day going with a new gadget on the wall.

In case you are a secret superhero, you will also be always aware when your superhero watch is about to start. Great deal? Great deal! So, now you may be wondering where to get it.

Easy! It’s waiting for you on


6. The curious case of the Green Lantern phone gadget


iPhones are dominating the world, sneaking into every place, possibly your hands too. But that’s just great! Another place where you can show the true support for your Green Lantern hero of choice and get a bit into the Green Lantern fandom (in case you are not into it, and we highly doubt it). Oh, and, we were just thinking now at our office that you may also appreciate the comic part of this phone case.  Even with the battery dead, this will remain a point to remember about the justice you want to deliver whenever you will have a look at it.

Available now, available on


7. The wall that guards your wallet

Keep your cash safe with this high-quality Green Lantern wallet. A quite monochromatic gadget with a pinch of green in the midst, always top-notch, always classy. Possibly the best gift ever for a Green Lantern gadget lover. If you are in the middle of choosing one, this is a safe choice. Not only practical but also very lovable in its material. It will come with a gift package ready to be taken to its final destination. But don’t be deceived – even though not so large, this keeps the magics of the Green Lantern only a true fan can be aware of.

Interested?, here you go!


8. The cosplay costume that will capture your hero heart

Your comic convention is coming soon. You’ve always been enamored with the idea of being a super hero. And you don’t have a costume. You’re not alone. Every year, millions of fans are in the same boat! But get rid of the thought that you are not going participate in full.

No cosplay costume yet? Why not try this one?

Many sizes, even the made-to-measure option available, be you a special super hero that needs to be treated individually (those are the most memorable ones, just for the reminder).

The use of lycra spandex guarantees that the material will suit you perfectly.

Available on the website.


9. That one ring that is the ultimate deal

Probably one of the most basic Green Lantern cosplay gadget every Green Lantern fan should become in possession of. Jackets, figures, vinyls aside, just get your ring and become one of them. One of the members of the Green Lantern Corps, crossing the galaxy to bring justice where it’s missing.

You may not have a perfect outfit. You may not have tons of gadget stuff at your place. But this is of essentials.

A perfect cosplay piece that isn’t troublesome in wearing and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. You too may be closer to the Green Lantern universe, and this is within your reach.

Raise your arm. Grab it.

Do it on


10. Green jacket has just gone more Lantern


Lover of jackets? Lover of staying fabulous always and ever? Lover of the Green Lantern universe?

Three times “yes”? Here you go.

This jacket will make any committed fan look like a Green Lantern Corps member. Put it on and enjoy your day, be it a normal day with your besties and a comic book, or that special day you marked with your calendar (yes, that convention for which you’ve been waiting for months).  Animal lovers, worry not. The jacket is made of leather, but the leather used in production of this jacket is 100% faux. So, you really go full green, after all!

Get your piece on


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