10 Wonder Woman Cosplay Items That Will Make Your Outfit WONDERful

There is no doubt that (at least so far) Marvel did better job than DC Comics in regards of their cinematic universes. There is one thing, however, in which DC is the winner – introducing a major superhero woman in her standalone movie. While we are still waiting (and the wait will last until 2019) for the Captain Marvel movie, many already managed to praise Wonder Woman as so far best movie of the DC movie universe.

Marvel wants to keep up in this game. The company’s bosses clearly already managed to realize that a female-centered movie is an instant golden goose. With Wonder Woman appearance, all girls forgot about Scarlett Johansson’s portrayal of Black Widow. Now, they finally have their own hero with a standalone movie – Princess Diana of Themyscira.

And today, we have something for all those who fell in love with Wonder Woman – a cosplay pieces inspired by the character. We hope all of her fans will find something interesting on our list.


The Modern Look


The new DC cinematic universe’s Wonder Woman – just like other popular superheroes – was adjusted to today’s norms and taste. No longer she wears a latex costume that nowadays could be considered too old-fashioned.

Instead, the new outfit looks much more like an armor. Of course, it is inspired by the old look of Wonder Woman. There is a skirt, long boots, a gorset. Now, however, it looks much more like something that can actually be helpful in protecting the body than just a thing that makes the character more sexy by showing less and less.

The costume we would like to recommend is a great adaptation of the movie one. All necessary things are in the bundle, including the tiara/headband. If you would like to be the next Wonder Woman – this is the easiest way to do it.

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The Wonder Woman Plus


Wonder Woman became a symbol for all of the women, not only the ones as slim as Gal Gadot. Even if the actor herself is a healthy-looking superwoman, she wants to send a clear message that anyone can become a hero.

Because of this, we could not just walk on by the offer we would like to recommend now. It is a plus-size Wonder Woman costume that will make happier those women, who often feel left behind by the superhero industry.

The bundle is similar to the first one on our list. You can find it in all the necessary stuff to become a Wonder Woman, including a skirt, a top, and more.

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The Equipment


If you go to Wonder Woman’s Wikipedia page and look for the information on the character’s abilities, you can find something like this: “Superhuman strength, speed, durability, and longevity.” It shows well what kind of ultimate superhero she is.

We do believe that – thanks to these abilities – Wonder Woman would be able to kick butts of all her enemies using only bare fists. To enhance her image, she was given, however, also a pack of special weapons, including a sword and a shield.

But picking the right equipment for your costume may be a bit tricky. The problem is – Wonder Woman had different weapons in both “Justice League” and her stand-alone movie.

In the first case, the design of both pieces of the equipment is much simpler. The shield is blank in the center, with ancient inscription written on the edges. The sword also looks relatively standard, resembling a typical medieval one. In the stand-alone movie, however, the shield has a big star in the middle, and the blade looks a bit more unique.

Because of these changes made in the DC Universe, you should be careful while completing your Wonder Woman costume. Online sellers rarely give an information from which movie the equipment is coming from. Therefore, you may end up wielding sword from Justice League and shield from the stand-alone movie, making the character’s hardcore fans furious.

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The Teen Titan

When the adults are foreseeing the end of authorities that children can relate to, the kids themselves are, in fact, doing pretty well. But instead of looking up to the most popular actors and entrepreneurs, they often end up being inspired by the fictional characters.

For girls, the most important hero these days is definitely Wonder Woman. Although her stand-alone movie (just like the whole DC Cinematic Universe) is much darker than anything made by Marvel, kids are still in love with it.

Because of this, we literally HAD TO make a space on our list for something that the young beginners can start their cosplay career with. This time, therefore, we recommend the Wonder Woman costume for girls. The outfit is more colorful than what Gal Gadot was wearing, making it resemble more the old-school look of the character.

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The Old-Schooled

You liked the costume we showed just before, but you are a grown-up? No worries – there are also plenty of old-school style Wonder Woman outfits for adults that you can get on the internet.

After reviewing all of them, we decided to show this specific one. The combination of corset and short pants seems to work best as a reminiscence of how the world portrayed superheroes in the twentieth century.

Remember, however, that the bundle does not include boots. We believe, however, that you will find something to replace them in your local thrift shop.

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The Cape


Yes, we do know the famous “heroes don’t always wear capes” slogan. And we also know that Wonder Woman herself has never really been a fan of capes. Do you remember any of her portrayals with one? Well, we don’t.

At the same time, however, we felt that the cape would add some uniqueness and even more of the old-school vibe to the outfit we had mentioned just before. So we found one that really fits the scenery.

It’s red from the outside, full of white stars on a blue background on the inside, and flashy as not many other capes. If “Star Wars” Lando Carlissian would be somewhere around, he would definitely add it to his collection.

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The Inspiration

Our last product is actually something that may be used as an inspiration to those who prefer uniqueness and making their costume from the scratch. We present to you… Wonder Woman STEAMPUNK GOGGLES!

Sounds ridiculous? May be. But actually, let’s be honest, this idea also feels pretty cool. Superheroes are usually defending our world – comics and movies show the same surroundings that we do every day. The only difference is the existence of some kinds of superpowers.

But why not mixing superheroes with the worlds that we can only create in our minds? There was once a futuristic Spiderman 2099, so why shouldn’t we make also a steampunk Wonder Woman? If any of you would ever make this idea happen, please, send us some photos!

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