10 Things That Will Make Your Kakashi Cosplay Complete

Kakashi Hatake, the mysterious ninja, who always hides most of his face behind a mask, is one of the fans’ favourite characters from the Naruto manga and anime. His look makes him unique among other heroes, and therefore one of the most popular cosplay choices.

Many beginners choose Kakashi for their first cosplay. Because he is hiding most of his face, anyone can imitate him – no make-up required! Moreover, as he is incredibly popular character, it is also quite easy to get complete set of his clothes on the net.

Today, we would like to help you with that – underneath you’ll find 10 items that will make your Kakashi cosplay complete.



The Base



Let’s start with the basics: the clothing that will cover most of your body.

Kakashi is known for wearing a dark blue set of clothes, including pants and a sweatshirt, as well as dark green vest. Some people choose to buy only the latter one. The may have similar pants and sweatshirt at their home, or they are just trying to find it at the local Walmart.

However, if you want to have everything already done and looking exactly like in the anime, we recommend you getting this one specific set of basic Kakashi clothing. It included all three aforementioned things, making you a Kakashi look-like in a minute.

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The Spikes



Yeah, we know – most of the Naruto characters have spiky hair. And you know what? Actually, lots of heroes from other anime and manga do too. Guess Japanese authors love it.

But among them, Kakashi hairstyle is still quite unique. Possibly, it’s because of the fact, that Kakashi wears his hairband not really straight, as he covers one of his eyes with it.

There are some cosplayers who grow hair long enough to make it like Kakashi’s, and later colour it white/grey. If you don’t want to do the same, we recommend you this great wig that you can easily order to your home.

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The Village Hidden in the Leaves



Let’s continue with going from the top of Kakashi’s costume to its bottom.

If you already have your anime-styled spiked hair, it’s time to keep them in place with something. Kakashi, as well as other character from Naruto manga and anime, is doing this using a special headband.

Kakashi’s headband marks him as an inhabitant of Konohagakure, The Village Hidden in the Leaves. He is not the only warrior who wears it – the same headband is being used by other people living in the village. Therefore, if you will get tired with Kakashi cosplay, you can always make use of the same band while preparing outfit of Naruto, Sakura, or whoever else you want!

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Behind the Mask



Finally, probably the most significant and characteristic element of Kakashi’s outfit – his mask.

For a long time, Kakashi’s face was hidden to all of the fans. In anime, he took off the mask after 368 episodes. Around one year before that, in the middle of 2015, the internet went on fire when the creator of Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto, revealed a draft of Kakashi’s face during a special exhibition in Japan.

Now you can have the famous mask for yourself. And you can use it for more reasons than just to do cosplay! For example, if there is winter right now in your region, you may use it instead of a scarf!

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Take Up the Gauntlet



But Kakashi had more unique parts of clothing. Sure, mask is clearly visible, but have you ever look at his hands?!

Kakashi always wears also his special gloves. And yes – we got one pair for you too.

They are made of quality leather and have the sign of Konohagakure placed on them. The finger parts are cut off so you can always check something on your smartphone.

Yeah, we know Kakashi did not have one. But he also made a great use of having free fingers…

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And yeah, we mean something inappropriate while talking about making use of free fingers. Still, however, it’s not what you might think about!

In both manga and anime, Kakashi is known as a fan of a series of novels for adults. Icha Icha books are telling stories about love – both ups and down of a relationship.

And no, we don’t have the exact novels in the stock. But you can always order this special notebook that imitates Kakashi’s favourite series. You can write in it whatever you want and – while reading it – shock other cosplayer with how complete your Kakashi cosplay is!

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Get Ready to Fight!



But what about a fight, you might ask? How can you handle an opponent if you are focused on reading a novel?

If you are as fast and well-trained as Kakashi, you might not have a problem with that. Especially that you still have a second hand free, ready to hold a weapon!

And the weapon we want to recommend you is a kunai – a small, knife-style object, that you may both fight with while holding it in a hand as well as throw it straight into your enemy’s face!

(We’re just kidding – the kunai we recommend is only a toy and it should not do any harm!)

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The Ninja Hidden in the Pockets



But let’s be honest, you not gonna have to really fight at a cosplay event. And neither you gonna take all of pictures of your cool outfit with throwing knife in your hand.

Sure, you might just put away your kunai somewhere, but what if other person in Kakashi cosplay comes up at steal it? Well, we got a solution for you.

Those special waist and leg bags will not only help you carry your weapons around, but also make your Kakashi cosplay complete. He had bags like this in anime and mange, so why shouldn’t you too?

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Stay Safe



There is, however, one problem with bags like these. If you keep it on your legs for too long time without taking it off, your skin might start to feel hurt.

Kakashi (and many more Naruto characters!) also knew it. Because of that, they started to look for something that would keep their body in good condition, even if they would need to carry the bags for kunais 24/7.

Finally, they decided to wear elastic bandages under the bags. It saves their skin and keeps blood in good circulation. If you are trying to be a real ninja, and therefore exercising a lot, you may also use the bandages during your actual workout.

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Silent Like a Ninja



Time for the last item. For some, however, it may the most important one.

Why? Because if you are planning to spend long hours on an event, wearing your Kakashi cosplay all the time, without taking it off, you might need some comfortable shoes to keep you survive the whole thing.

We highly recommend you getting these special ninja shoes. They are not only comfortable, but they will also complete your Kakashi cosplay.

Shoes come in different sizes, from US 5 to US 11 (around 35-45 in EUR), so you can wear it no matter if you are teenager, or a grown-up man.

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  1. Kaimoto Nagasaki says:

    Did you know that Kakashi Hatake in Jananiese means はたけ カカシ ?

    I love all the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto. I’m really big fan since 1996 and I received my first comics when I was 5 years old and till now I read and watch Naturo 🙂

    • admin says:

      Hi Kaimoto!

      Not really. Was trying to learn Japaniese but no luck 🙂

      Thanks for the info and let us know if you would like to get more information about Kakashi Cosplay items. We can add any item you like.


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