10 Things That Will Make Your Stranger Things Cosplay Better

In the second season of the critically acclaimed Netflix series, Stranger Things, four teenage buddies, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Will, wear Ghostbusters suits for Halloween. In the 80s, during which the series takes place, the famous movie about a group of ghost-hunters was a really big thing. Nowadays, however, Ghostbusters have been replaced by their own fans – the characters of Stranger Things itself. And, not surprisingly, the teenagers of the 2010s wants to look just like their favourites cast of the Netflix series, rather than old school ghost-hunters.

With this article, we want to help you in making your own Stranger Things cosplay by recommending ten items related to the series’ characters, that you can easily get on Amazon. If you are already preparing your 2018 Halloween costume – you came to the right place. However, if you did not watch Stranger Things yet, be careful: in the article you can find minor spoilers.


1. The Awkward (But Cute!) Dress


Remember that awkward outfit Mike and others prepared for Eleven in the first season of Stranger Things? The dress stolen from Nancy, Mike’s sister, is one of the most iconic parts of clothing in the series and now you have a chance to get one for yourself.

The pink dress, quite good replica of the one used in the series itself, comes with a pair of 80s styled long socks and is available in a number of different sizes: from XS to XL. It will serve you well and surely bring attention of all of the Stranger Things fans at the party.

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2. Be Blonde or Go Bald

You already have the Eleven’s dress? Well, that’s good! But there is still something you need to consider: your hair… or the lack of it.

You can choose one of the two hairstyles that Eleven used to have while wearing the dress: buzzcut or a blonde wig. The second one may be easier to accomplish if you do not want to drastically change your look for a long time.

Thankfully, you can easily get the wig on Amazon, completing your perfect Eleven-being-awkward cosplay.

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3. Straight Outta Hospital


If you don’t necessary like the old school dress of Nancy, you can always choose a different set of clothing that Eleven was wearing in the series. Just like, for example, the hospital gown, in which the girl escaped from her weird father’s science facility.

If you don’t have any friend or family member working in the hospital to borrow you gown like this, you can always buy one on the internet. On Amazon you can get quite good replica of the Eleven’s gown, with the same pattern as the clothing from the series itself had.

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4. Another One Bites the Dust(in)



But Eleven is not the only character of Stranger Things with a quite characteristic outfit. A good cosplay choice can be also Dustin – the beloved, curly-haired guy, who is probably the favourite member of the series’ „gang of four”, among the global audience.

The most significant part of Dustin’s outfit is his tricoloured cap. It keeps appearing throughout both of the seasons, strangely still being quite clean despite all the dangers the gang encountered. Now you can get yourself the same cap and try if it’s really that dirt-proof as it seems to be in the series.

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5. RAWR!



No matter how cool Dustin in fact is, at school he is broadly perceived (just like the rest of his group) as a nerd. He likes going to arcade and playing board games and RPGs with his friends. Finally – he also likes to do science stuff. It includes experiments, sure, but Dustin sometimes also just like to have a look in some old book and read about the world around him.

One of the main signs of it, is his Brontosaurus hoodie that appeared in the second season of Stranger Things and quickly became a hit among the fans. You want to get one for yourself? We got you, buddy.

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6. Call the Cops

If you prefer to be a real badass rather than another teenage character, your Stranger Things’ idol is probably Jim Hopper, the local Chief of Police at Hawkins, Indiana, where the series takes place. But even if you already have your basic cop outfit, it may lack one thing – the confirmation that you are indeed coming from Hawkins and not somewhere in Kansas.

To make yourself a real Jim Hopper, you should get a Hawkins Police patch, looking exactly like the one in Stranger Things. Afterwards, the only thing you still need to have, is the bravery to get into the dark woods of Indiana.

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7. Mask Off



Have your Jim Hopper costume already? Well, there still may be one thing you might be missing – the sad, full of loneliness and suffering face of the Hawkins Chief of Police himself.

In the series, Hopper is a guy who went through a lot and usually spent nights in his cabin in the woods by  binge drinking and smoking cigarettes. It may be hard for you to get the same effect on your face if you are not a good make-up artist. Internet, however, comes with help – you can easily order  there David Harbour’s (the actor who played Jim Hopper) celebrity mask.

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8. Happy Stranger Birthday



Are you throwing a Stranger Things-themed birthday party? Or maybe you just want to make the background for your cosplay photo session look a bit more like the house of the Byers family? If one of those two options is correct, you will probably need some Christmas lights – a signature thing of the first season of the Netflix series.

However, you can also buy something more unique – a handmade Stranger Things birthday banner, which for sure will well fit into your living room and pics you will take in front of it.

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9. Join the A.V.



Looking for something less obvious but still catching an eye of the local Stranger Things fans? Get one of the Hawkins Middle School’s sweatshirts or hoodies, and become a random student of the series’ most important educational facility.

You can find a number of those things on Amazon, but we highly recommend you to get this one special model. It will claim that you are a member of the Hawkins Middle School’s A.V. club – the same one that Mike, Lucas, Dustin and Will belonged to. Be the coolest nerd in the neighbourhood!

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10. She Really Likes Eggo’s

Eggo’s is the most popular frozen waffle brand in the United States. We bet, however, that it became ever more famous after the release of the first season of Stranger Things. Eleven, the girl since her early age living in a closed facility, after finally getting her freedom, literally loved the Eggo’s.

Not surprisingly, those frozen waffles became greatly popular among Stranger Things fans and a number of gadgets referring to the brand appeared on the internet. If you want one for yourself, we recommend this small Eggo’s patch – you can put it on your bag, t-shirt, or wherever else you want, marking yourself as a real Stranger Things lover.

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