7 Sonic Cosplay Items That Will Make You Fast & Furious

Nowadays, video games characters are made full of details. They have beards that grow throughout the story, hair which style you can modify in hundred ways, and closets full of different suits and ties.

Once, however, the video games characters were much simpler. Mario was recognizable because of his moustache and a very simple, red outfit, Link from “Legend of Zelda” was just a mix of pixels in only a few different colors, and Pacman was… well, a nibbled pizza.

The times goes by, but most of the old-school characters are still simplified. Let’s look at the Sonic – a guy who finally got turned into 3D, but he is basically still a big, blue hedgehog.

What’s interesting, however, is that Sonic is not really that easy to cosplay. His body is a humanized, but only to some extent. To look really like him, may be, therefore, relatively hard.

But we are coming with help to those biggest fans of Sonic who would like to impersonate him. Time to dig through some Sonic cosplay items!


1. Big, Blue, Bold

Let us start with something really HUGE. It is a full costume of Sonic, including all necessary things to walk with a grace at a cosplay event or…

…get a job as a guy working at kids’ birthday parties! This specific costume looks exactly like one for those fun people hanging around the streets of big cities, dressed as characters famous among kids, and happy to let you take a photo with them for a buck or two.

If you ever wanted to be one of them and to try yourself out in this job – the full Sonic costume might be something for you.

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2. Cutie Pie

The number two on our list is intriguing, unexpected, and (insert any other synonym you can think of). Why? Because it is a special remix of original Sonic costume. A remix for women.

Yes, we know – women also can use the standard Sonic costume or maybe dress up as some female character from Sega’s universe, like Amy Rose or Blaze The Cat. But what if they want to have a costume of sexy Sonic?

Well, as always, the internet provides. We think it might be somehow connected to the “34th rule of the internet.” Google it, if you are interested.

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3. Wind in My Hair

But we do know that not all people want to go out for a cosplay event in a mascot costume. Or a weird sexy lady costume.

So we decided to prepare a list of a few products that you can combine together to create some kind of a base for your Sonic costume.

The number one on this list are Sonic’s… well, we like to call it “hair” but let’s be honest – those are rather spikes, like any proper hedgehog should have. But yeah – they do look like hair. And after you put the one we recommend on your head – they will remind you of hair even more.

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4. Sonic Punch!

Just like Mario, Sonic got lots of his own games that were not typical platformers. Think of Sonic & All-Stars Racing or Sega Superstars Tennis, led by the blue hedgehog himself.

But did you know that Sonic also got his own fighting games? Two, to be exact. The first one was 1996 Sonic the Fighters, the second 2003 Sonic Battle.

In both of these games, Sonic made a use of his gloved fists more than ever before. He punched, he smashed, he comboed. And as a tribute to these untypical games (and with a wish of making another Sonic fighting game), we present to you… Sonic’s gloves!

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5. Faster Than Light

But for Sonic fists are not that important. He does not need to punch most of the enemies – he can just swiftly jump over them and run away before they can even turn around.

It’s all because of Sonic’s legendary ability – enormous speed with which he can run. If you would ask people “What superpower would you like to have?” not many would answer “I would like to run super fast.” But Sonic proves us, that these ability can also be incredibly useful.

And that is why we decided to recommend you also pair of Sonic’s shoes. Will it give you the superpower of superrun? We can’t promise that, but we hope it will indeed!

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6. De Wey

But Sonic is not alone in his mission to save the world from the evil Doctor Eggman. His team was steadily growing over the years, and now includes a number of interesting characters.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to find cosplay items specific to these Sonic-related characters. However, we decided to search through the whole internet in order to find something useful.

And we found this: Knuckles’ fleece cap. And yes – you can find similar caps for other characters from Sonic’s universe. So why we chose Knuckles? Because he knows DE WEY!

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7. Spiky Feet

The last thing on our list is not exactly a cosplay item. We still think, however, that many of you will consider it cute enough to get it for yourselves.

If Jeremy Scott, the designer behind Adidas “Wings” shoes, would collaborate with some socks company, we believe this would be the effect. We present to you Sonic “Wings” socks!

We are pretty sure you will happily surprise everyone at any party with this incredibly cute pair of socks. We are also pretty confident that this thing will once become a major streetwear fashion.

So why you shouldn’t be the trendsetter?

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