7 Thor Cosplay Items That Will Make You Able To Pick Up The Mjolnir

Thor is one of those guys in the Marvel Cinematic Universe of whose future you can never be sure. He pops up and disappears all the time, so it is always hard to say where he will end up in the next chapter of the Avengers story.

If you haven’t watch Infinity War yet (you did though, right?), beware – today we might have a few spoilers for you. And here is the first one: Thor is back, alive, and equipped with a new badass weapon.

So we are also back – this time with a pack of seven great items that will make your Thor cosplay so good that you will be able to pick up the Mjolnir hammer.


1. The Hot Guy

Let’s be honest – Chris Hemsworth is one of the hottest guys in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Women love him and men are jealous of this.

It may not be possible to get Chris’ muscles in a month, but we have something that may let you at least pretend you are a gym freak. The officially-licensed Rubie’s Thor cosplay costume consists of all the basics needed to start your outfit: cape, pants, armor, and… fake muscles!

Hammer and long hair of Thor are not included, but bear with us for a moment – we also have this covered.

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2. The Gladiator

Our second pick is also a full-scale Thor costume, but it is something for those with a bit bigger budget. The whole outfit looks much more like an actual movie replica, and is made of high-quality materials like twill, suede, and leather.

Although the costume comes in a few different sizes (up to triple extra large), the producer offers also a possibility of a custom made outfit, perfectly tailored to your needs. If you want to be the best looking Thor in the neighbourhood – this is something you should invest in.

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3. Did Someone Call Ghost Rider?

At Cosplay87, we understand how motorbikes’ fans love to show off other hobbies while driving their beasts. Colourful helmets, jackets with big logos on the back… But how to show that you are a fan of Marvel?

Well, fortunately, someone also asked themselves this question. That’s how this awesome thing came to existence – a Thor-inspired motorbike jacket with a long, red cape.

The Asgardian god riding on a motorcycle? That’s sounds like our new favourite cosplay idea!

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4. Fly Me to Asgard

Xcoser is one of the most popular cosplay brands – they make high-quality costumes and gadgets related to anything that’s currently on a rise. Have a new movie for geeks just came out? Xcoser probably already have some costumes of it’s characters.

In regards to the Marvel Universe, we would like to recommend Xcoser’s Thor helmet. It’s made of soft resin and includes two removable ear parts, allowing you to match the item to your head perfectly.

If you have been ever planning to attend a party of Nordic gods – this may be something that will allow you to pass the security guards.

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5. Ariadne’s Thread

There is a saying that helmet is not important – it’s the thing under it that is. And this time, we don’t mean brain. We mean the long, sexy hair of Chris Hemsworth.

Let’s be honest, you won’t grow them. If you are not a metalhead that already has long hair, growing ones would take you lots and lots of months. And if the cosplay event you want to attend is just next month, you might instead just buy a wig.

The one we recommend will truly great suit your Thor costume. We recommend you to click on the link below and go to the comments section – you will find there photos of wannabe Thors that actually bought the item and tried it themselves.

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6. The Hammer of Justice

If you are a dedicated fan of the Marvel Universe, you probably remember the scene from The Age of Ultron in which a few superheroes, including Tony Stark, tried to lift up Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir. As expected, none of them managed to do so.

Now you can try picking up the legendary weapon by yourself. Rubie’s officially-licensed Mjolnir is made of polyester, meaning it weights nearly nothing. Now even your little kid can become Thor!

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7. Spoiler Alert

And we are once again getting back to the most recent events in the Marvel Universe. The previously mentioned Mjolnir has been destroyed so Thor decided to forge a new weapon for himself.

That’s how Stormbreaker (let’s be honest, that’s not the most ambitious name) appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Because of this, if you want to adapt the newest look of Thor, you should choose this new weapon instead of Mjolnir.

However, it may be actually good for you. As Eitri, the dwarf who helped Thor forge the Stormbreaker, mentioned, the new weapon is the strongest one in the history of Asgard.

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