8 Metal Gear Solid Items That Will Fit Your Snake Cosplay

Gamer community loves it’s iconic creators. They are being praised by many nearly as gods, and their creations are loved by millions around the world.

Among these icons, there is undoubtedly Hideo Kojima – and among the most beloved video game characters, Kojima’s most popular child, Snake, the main protagonist of the Metal Gear Solid franchise.

There is lots of different games related to the MGS series, which include tons of various characters and storylines. One thing, however, barely changes – Snake himself. He gets old, yes. But he is still the same brave guy he has been for so many years.

Our today’s piece is dedicated to this magnificent video games character. If you ever wanted to become Snake even just for a few hours – you came to the right place.

Welcome to our Metal Gear Solid Snake cosplay guide!


1. Ready, Set, Go!

As always, we start with the most classic and basic thing that you may need for your Snake cosplay. This traditional costume, appearing in nearly every game of the Metal Gear Solid franchise, will allow you to turn into “the Man Who Makes the Impossible Possible” nearly instantly!

The cosplay costume includes all the most necessary things you might need for a mission: from the vest, up to the headband. It will not only protect you, but also make you look cool.

Well, except when you are not at a cosplay event… If you go out like this to work or school, you may even end up being question by the police!

Get this traditional Metal Gear Solid Snape costume on Amazon.


2. The Army Man

Snake may have his traditional black/greyish costume, but most of the games allow also to change this classic outfit to another one. Finding these various sets on the internet, however, may be a bit hard, so you need to think a bit differently.

And here is an example. Snake can wear a lot of different camouflage costumes, but some of them were created strictly by the game designers. Fortunately, they do look similar to some of the real army costume.

So here you have a Seal Team costume. If you mix it up with some elements of the previous costume (especially the headband), you may end up looking just like some alternative, hipster Snake.

Get this Metal Gear Solid Snake camo costume on Amazon.


3. Silent As The Grave

What the two previous costume sets do not include, however, are the boots. And how can you go on a mission without them?!

To make your Snake cosplay complete, we recommend buying these awesome boots. They are made in Japan, vegan, eco-friendly, and – as one Amazon buyer commented – “the MOST comfortable work boots I have EVER owned.”

You may easily use them not also as a part of your cosplay, but anytime you need some durable but comfy shoes.

Trust us – this pair gonna change your life for better.

Get these Metal Gear Solid Snake boots on Amazon.


4. Catch Her Eye

Interestingly, although Snake’s portrayal with one eye hidden behind something like an eyepatch is a quite popular, he have not lost any of his eyes.

He did, however, use a technology called Solid Eye. This eyepatch-resembling device included a few different kind of functionalities, including a binocular mode, night vision mode, and more.

Therefore, we decided to make a space for an eyepatch on our list, too. It may be useful not only when you want to pretend you have the Solid Eye, but also if you want to cosplay some other characters from the MGS series, including Big Boss.

Get this Metal Gear Solid Snake eyepatch on Amazon.


5. Pop Pop Pop

You can probably get any kind of gun and add it to your Snake cosplay to make it look better. But wouldn’t it be even cooler if you would choose a weapon actually used by the character in the video game series?

Beretta 92 was used by the fictional FOXHOUND army unit as their standard sidearm. Solid Snake himself used the gun a number of times, including in one of fans’ favorite games, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.

The gun’s replica we offer is an airsoft version of the weapon, so you can also use it in airsoft tournaments.

Get this Metal Gear Solid Snake gun on Amazon.


6. Let’s See Who’s That

You know what we truly love about good cosplays? How detailed they are, what kind of specific small elements the cosplayers added in order to create a unique costume, that at the same time resembles well the character it is dedicated to.

In the case of Solid Snake, there can be lots of different small cosplay elements you can use. It is partly thanks to how many different games in the MGS franchise there is.

Today, we recommend you getting this great FOXHOUND dog tag. It’s really well-made and may help you show off that you are a Metal Gear Solid fan also when you are not cosplaying.

Get this Metal Gear Solid Snake dog tag on Amazon.


7. The Foxhound Member

One more thing that is related to the FOXHOUND unit, and at the same time allows you to show the world how much you love MGS.

This military cap is the best choice when you want to go low-key. After a tough day of cosplaying, just put it on your head, and let yourself disappear in the crowds.

You think that it does not work that easily as in all the Hollywood movies where the characters put the cap and PUFF – they are anonymous and police doesn’t know where they are?

Well, try it for yourself.

Get this Metal Gear Solid Snake cap on Amazon.


8. ? (AKA The Question Mark Over An Enemy’s Head)

To be honest, this is our favorite. We know that some people already used this cosplay idea, but trust us – wearing this, you will still be considered one of the most smart and funny cosplayers at the event.

Moreover, it may serve as a great costume when you are on a budget.

The Box is one of the most iconic elements of the Metal Gear Solid franchise. Snake uses it in nearly every game in order to hide from enemy’s soldiers.

And yes, it usually works – the soldiers are indeed that stupid.

Get this Metal Gear Solid Snake Cardboard Box on Amazon.

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