8 Things That WIll Make Your Vegeta Cosplay Perfect

Goku is cool, but let’s be honest – there is no other as interesting and multidimensional character as Vegeta in the whole Dragon Ball franchise. The Sayian Prince is loved for his pride, bravery, and unstoppable desire to fight for his beliefs. It’s unfortunate that he is considered a less important character by manga’s and anime’s creators than his most important nemis (and a friend at the same time) – Kakarotto.

But the force is strong in Vegeta’s fans. They are standing besides him just like Vegeta himself stands besides his family. Even if their favorite character is appearing on the screen only once or twice during an episode, and is being beaten by bad guys who are finally making Goku become stronger, the fans are still there, cheering for Vegeta. Some of them even want to become like their hero, dressing up like him for cosplay events.

Are you one of those guys? Do you want to look as Vegeta and get strong like him? If yes, we got you covered. Today, we present you seven great pieces that will make you Vegeta cosplay experience completed. Seven, because there are seven Dragon Balls. And also – because we do believe it’s a lucky number.


1. The Armor

Let’s start with the basics of the basics – the outfit that Vegeta is most commonly seen in. He was using it also in the most recent saga of Dragon Ball Super.

This armor is one of the most recognizable outfits of the whole series. It is based on the outfit used by both Sayians and army of Frieza, however, it lacks some of its parts (like the pauldrons).

It was also used by Future Trunks during his time in main Dragon Ball’s timeline, when our favorite characters were fighting Cell. Thanks to this, you can also use the armor as the base for your Trunks outfit. The only thing that would need to be changed is… hairstyle. And of course – you would need to add the massive sword Trunks was constantly using.

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2. The Other Armor

Thanks to the internet, however, you can also be the old-school Sayian. As mentioned just before, the armor that Vegeta is using up until Dragon Ball Super, is a bit different than the ones it is based on.

The other Sayians, as well as members of Frieza’s army, preferred a suit looking more like a one belonging to some medieval-style warrior. It includes, for example, these big pauldrons that look so uncomfortable to have during a battle.

But if you want to have this more old-school Vegeta look – this armor is for you. It can be also worth buying if you are planning to once cosplay some other Sayian or Frieza’s soldier. In the second case, remember about getting some paint, too, as the color of the armor differs depending on the warrior’s status.

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3. The Spikes


It takes a hell of time to grow hair long enough to match Vegeta’s. It takes another hell of time to model them to look like his hairstyle. Are you ready for this kind of sacrifice?

If not… Well, as always – we got you covered. The internet (thank you, sir!) is full of different wigs that can make you look like any of your favorite fictional characters in just a couple of seconds. And yes – the internet also has Vegeta’s wig.

It’s easy to apply. It’s long. And – it’s spiky enough. On the photo it may not look the best, but with some quick remodeling it will fit your face perfectly. Trust us, we tried it ourselves!

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4. The IT’S OVER 9000 Thing

One of the most recognizable elements in Dragon Ball Z’s original Sayian and Frieza sagas. The scouter, used commonly by Frieza army’s members, could read the energy of any enemy that stood against the dangerous warriors.

The scouter finally disappeared from the saga – it became unneeded when the main character’s became stronger than the maximum level the scouter could read. However, the device managed to become another Dragon Ball symbol and… a meme.

And we got an idea for you: buy the scouter, go to a cosplay event, find a Goku, and shout to him “IT’S OVER 900O!” – just like in the anime. You will be the hero of the day for sure.

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5. The Sneakers


In the beginning of this list, we mentioned two Vegeta’s full outfits. And they, indeed, cover the basics of what a simple Vegeta wannabe needs to have.

However, the shoes included in these bundles are not the best ones. Yes, they will serve you well during an event, but what if you want to cruise around the city in your new cool outfit?

In this case, we recommend buying these awesome luxury Vegeta boots. They are made of pleather and can be even tailored exactly to your needs and foot/calf size! This is something that will make your cosplay experience more unique than any of the other Vegetas’ around the corner.

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6. The Low-Key

Okay – this is something we really fell in love with. Why? Because this part of the outfit can make you a Vegeta, but only for the guys who really know the Dragon Ball world.

We present to you… the Capsule Corporation’s polo shirt! The company has been created by Bulma’s family and was later led by Goku’s first friend. The Capsule Corp. produces all the most modern high-tech in the Dragon Ball world.

How is it connected to Vegeta? While still often appearing in his soldier armor, he also tried to match the lifestyle of ordinary Earthlings. To do this, he adapted their customs – including the outfits. The most observant Dragon Ball fans for sure realized that polo shirt is a piece of outfit that became one of the most often worn items by Vegeta.

So what we get when we match Vegeta and Bulma? Yes, Trunks too. But in this – a Capsule Corp. polo shirt. Go get one before we buy all of them for ourselves.

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7. The Warrior

The last item on the list is for the gym-addicts. If you want to attend a cosplay event in your town, but couple of hours later have to do the leg day – we got something for you.

It’s a gym shirt imitating Vegeta’s destroyed armor. It’s made of breathable fabric and dries as fast as you get sweaty doing squats and deadlifts. You can easily use it as a part of your Vegeta costume and later hop in it to the local gym.

If Vegeta would be here with us, we believe he would get this t-shirt himself to use during his daily training.

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