8 Ways to Perfect Your Legend of Zelda Cosplay

Every time a new video games console is released, there is always a great number of people who want to buy it on the first day. Some of them are driven by curiosity, some others by the fact that only on this specific console there will be able to discover the new adventures of their favourite video game characters.

In case of Sony, it may be Nathan Drake or Kratos. In case of Microsoft, Master Chief or Marcus Fenix. And in case of Nintendo?

Mario and Link.

Today, we will look more closely on the latter character. We want to help you get the perfect Legend of Zelda cosplay, making you ready for adventures, cosplay events and photoshoots.

And don’t worry – we won’t focus only on Link. If you prefer to prepare Princess Zelda’s cosplay, you will also find here something for yourself!


1. All Set



Let’s start with the basics: a classic Link costume, that you could have seen in a number of Legend of Zelda games.

The typical dark green outfit is recognisable even for people who never played the series itself. At the same time, it will surely make some fans want to instantly take pictures with you, if they meet you dressed like this on some video games event.

The set we recommend includes all parts of a typical Link clothing: green tunic, sand tunic, white inner shirt, pants, hat, belt prop with waist bags, sleeves, wrist guards and gloves. It looks like taken away straight from the game and we assure you it’s also pretty comfortable.

Link recommends!

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2. Breath of the New



But maybe you want to wear something more unique? Maybe you still want to have that classic Legend of Zelda vibe, but at the same time stand out of the crowd of other same-looking Links?

Well, don’t worry then. We got you covered also this time.

To have some more unique experience, we recommend you getting this special outfit, that Link is wearing in the newest, nineteenth game in the series – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The critically-acclaimed game introduces a new, refreshed style of Link, which now you can get for yourself.

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3. Cover Your Head



You should remember only about one thing. The new Link’s outfit does not include the classic hat that the character was wearing for years. The designers of the game said it did not fit the new look, and therefore Link has now just a cool, black hood.

But what if you really want the hat? Of course, you can get it separately too!

Moreover, the hat we recommend is much better quality than most of the others available on the net. It’s not just a green part of textile. It is made of dark green acrylic wool blend, and includes also faux leather lacing, which makes the whole thing look really professional.

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4. Save the Princess



Alright, you got yourself suited up. So you think you are ready for and adventure and ready to save Princess Zelda?

But what about a weapon?!

On the internet, you can get a number of different swords that appear in The Legend of Zelda series. Some are the most classic ones, some resemble the strongest ones in the games.

What we offer you, however, is something that will make your Legend of Zelda cosplay more outstanding. It’s a replica of Fierce Deity Sword – a weapon that appears only in three games of the series: Majora’s Mask, Tri Force Heroes and Breath of the Wild.

Doesn’t that sound unique enough?

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5. Be the Princess



Alright, we got Link fully set up. But what about those who want to be more like Zelda? As promised – we got something for you, too.

But we don’t just wave in front of your face with some colourful, shiny dress. Yes, there is a lot of them on Amazon, but many are bad quality and it’s hard to choose the correct size.

Instead, we recommend you to follow The Legend of Zelda’s designers, who drastically changed the Princess’ outfit in the Breath of the Wild.

In the latest game, Zelda finally got a more adventurous arc, for which she had to be adequately prepared. Therefore, the creators gave her a comfortable set similar to Link’s, rather than once again putting her in a dress.

We truly love this idea, as well as the fact, that the outfit still looks remarkably royal.

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6. To Elf or Not to Elf?



Are Link and Princess Zelda elves? It is a quite common question among people who have just started to be interested in The Legend of Zelda games.

The thing that makes them think like this, is the fact that both aforementioned character have long, elf-style ears. If you pay attention to what happens in the games, you might also see that other recurring character have similar ears.

But none of these character is an elf. The Legend of Zelda has its own race with long ears, called Hylia people. Both Link and Zelda belong to this specific group.

Therefore, if you really want to have a proper Legend of Zelda outfit, you should make your ears longer! How to do that?

The easiest way is to buy the soft elf ears we recommend. You can easily clip them on your real ears and become a true Hylian in a second!

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7. The Legend of Zelda Main Theme



Some of The Legend of Zelda games have a name of a special item in the title that makes this instalment of the series unique. There was Majora’s Mask, Skyward Sword, Minish Cap.

Finally, there was Ocarina of Time – an element from probably the most loved game of the series.

The ocarina is not only an instrument appearing in The Legend of Zelda. It is, in fact, a real thing, that you can actually play on.

Couple of years ago, an official Ocarina of Time replica has been issued. It looks just like in the game, and – what’s for some even more important – it can also be used like a real ocarina.

You can get many different sets of the instrument on the internet, but we chose this specific one for you. Except the ocarina itself, it also includes display stand, protective bag that you connect with your Link outfit, as well as textbook teaching how to actually play the thing.

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8. Winter in Hyrule



Okay, the last thing on our list might not really be a cosplay item, but we love it so much that we literally HAVE to share it with you!

This fantastic thing is even hard to name. Is it scarf? Or is it hoodie? Well, we guess it’s both.

The „hooded scarf” is an officially licensed product, that in winter shows everyone around that you are a true Zelda fan. It has two big Zs on the scarf part and incredibly cute Hylian ears on the top.

Get one yourself before we decide to order all of them for ourselves!

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