8 World of Warcraft Cosplay Items That Will Make Your Outfit Magic

You know what we love about the MMO games? The freedom of choice. The possibility of going anywhere you want, doing what you want. But also – wearing what you want and looking however you want.

The same thing applies to MMO games-inspired cosplays. You can get some old rugs, put on an orc mask and claim that you are a World of Warcraft character.

With this pattern in mind, the thing that really makes the best WoW cosplay, are the details – the elements recognizable by every fan of the series. Today, we would like to focus on these detailed, specific items that every Warcraft’s fan should remember.

But no worries – we also have something for those who prefer to buy just the whole, standard outfit!


1. Hail to the King


Lich King, the main symbol of one of the WoW expansion packs, became a character recognizable even by those gamers who are rarely interested in the world of MMOs. One of the reasons behind it is definitely the great, dark design of the character, reminding us the movie version of The Lord of The Rings.

Today, we would like to recommend this great 1:1 replica of Lich King’s helmet. It is one of the most top-quality cosplay items we have ever seen, making it worth every money.

It’s definitely wearable (the creators recommend it especially “for approximately 58-60cm of head circumference”) but it will look great also on your desk or shelf. If you want to scare your friends or family off your room, the helmet will definitely do the trick.

Get this World of Warcraft Lich King Helmet Replica on Amazon.


2. The Defenders


Gmasking, a company that created both the aforementioned Lych King’s helmet and the item we recommend now, dedicates itself to preparing the best 1:1 replicas of the most favorite geek stuff. Do you look for perfect copy of Doctor Strange’s amulet? Or maybe an Iron Man’r arm? In both cases – they got you covered.

The World of Warcraft seems to be one of their favorite areas of pop culture. Instead of Lych King, they also had a look at the Stormwind Guards – a group that the player cannot join.

Many WoW fans, however, try to roleplay the Guards. They look for the in-game outfit pieces that best resemble the original armor and try to match them together. This time, however, you don’t need to look for fakes – this 1:1 replica of the Guard’s helmet is waiting for you in the link below.

Get this World of Warcraft Stormwind Guard Helmet Replica on Amazon.


3. Doom Has Come to This World


Although the name may suggest otherwise, Gmasking is not making only masks. They also produce weapons and other recognizable items of many pop cultural characters.

In case of World of Warcraft, let’s have a quick look at Gmasking’s replica of the Doomhammer – one of the most famous weapons from the game.

The item is incredibly detailed, imitating the look of a really old object, passed from one generation to another. It’s over half-meter long, becoming a perfect choice for both cosplay events and your WoW-related things collection on the shelf.

Get this World of Warcraft Doomhammer Replica on Amazon.



We also have something for those who prefer buying stuff more useful in an everyday life – an officially-licensed Doomhammer power bank. We bet you will astonish all your geek friends with it.

Get the World of Warcraft Doomhammer Power Bank on Amazon.


4. Winter is Coming


As we started talking about weapons, let’s stick to the topic for a minute more.

At the same time, however, we would need to go back to the very first character mentioned by us on this list, the Lich King. Apart from his helmet, there is also one more thing that makes him easily recognizable – Frostmourne, a sword filled with thousand of souls whom it killed.

Our Frostmourne is – once again – a 1:1 replica. The details are incredible, and the whole thing is made out of metal. Because of this, you should be really careful when playing with it!

Get this World of Warcraft Frostmourne Replica on Amazon.


5. Suit Up

But we promised you also some standard, full costumes of World of Warcraft. And – as always – we are keeping our promises.

The first of our character sets is a full armor of sir Anduin Lothar – a human hero who appeared in the Warcraft II video game as well as the 2016 Warcraft movie. He was one of the main characters of the latter.

The armor is of great quality, especially taking its relatively low price into consideration. It serves well as an actual knight’s outfit imitation. Because of this, remember that you may need someone to help you put it on!

Get this Warcraft Anduin Lothar Costume on Amazon.


6. Green Way

Orcs appear in lots of different fantasy universes: from The Lord of the Rings, to The Elder Scrolls series. However, it seems that Warcraft is the universe for which the green race is the most important.

Therefore, we had to include some kind of orc item on our list. And to make the most out of it, we got for you a full costume of a typical representative of the race.

The set comes with a mask, and a chest tunic with attached armor and apron. You probably would need to add to it some old pants and shoes. Don’t forget to paint your hands green! (or just get some gloves)

Get this World of Warcraft Orc Costume on Amazon.


7. More Than Dead

But we all now that there are more races in the World of Warcraft than just humans and orcs. However, if we would like to cover all of them, it would take us at least a few different articles.

Therefore, we decided to pick also one of the more unique races from the game. We chose the Forsaken – a specific kind of undead creatures.

And with the Forsaken, we are back to the headpieces. This one is made of latex and is big enough to cover a head of most adults. The details are incredible, so you can also use it to prank your friends by scaring them surprisingly.

Get this World of Warcraft Forsaken Mask on Amazon.


8. Aaaaaughibbrgubugbugrguburgle!

The last thing on our list will serve rather as a “the cosplay event is today and I don’t have any costumed prepared” thing. But we promise you – it will make all the WoW fans around you smile and laugh!

Why so? Cause we have for you a Murloc’s headpiece!

Murlocs are small creatures that would be quite hard to cosplay. They look a bit like Mike Wazowski from Disney’s “Monsters, Inc.” and are far from humanoid shape.

Because of this, the headpiece is a variation on the topic – it makes you look like Murloc’s lunch! We don’t how to say “yummy” in the creatures’ language, but we believe they will say something similar after landing on the top of your head.

Get this World of Warcraft Murloc Headpiece on Amazon.

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