9 Best Nightwing Cosplay and Gadget Ideas

In recent years, Batman characters are becoming more and more popular among cosplayers. Yeah, we know, there was always a lot of Batmans and Robins at the cosplay events. But nowadays, people are getting interested in less popular characters from the DC Universe.

There is a couple reasons behind that interest. One may be popularity of Christopher Nolan’s movie trilogy or more recent cinematic DC Universe. The other – the video games from the Arkham series, which introduced TONS of lesser-known Batman characters that many people hadn’t known before.

Today we would like to introduce you to some cosplay pieces and gadgets related to one of the Batman Universe characters, who many people would like to see in a stand-alone movie.

Meet Dick Grayson, AKA former, first Robin, AKA current Nightwing.


1. The Way of Spandex



As always, we have to start with the basics. And yes, in the Nightwing case we mean the base costume of spandex.

Some people don’t like this fiber, some consider heroes wearing it looking ridiculous. But you know what? Superheroes wear it for a reason.

Spandex is incredibly elastic and allows every wannabe saviour of the world to kick some butts with ease. Nothing should block their moves, nothing should make them weaker.

Nightwing thinks the same way. That’s why he wears his black and blue spandex costume, which we now proudly offer to you, too.

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2. The Eye of Nightwing



We have a small problem with masks similar to the one that Dick Grayson is wearing. And „small” is a perfect word to use.

We just can’t believe that those masks anyhow keep heroes’ faces anonymous. Nightwing’s mask covers such a small part of his head, that it would be probably quite easy to find his real identity for anyone who would like to do it.

But yeah, we understand that comic book worlds may have different rules than the ones operating in our world. Because of that, we not gonna mix anything up. Instead, we just offer you this great-quality Nightwing’s mask, that will complete the basic part of your cosplay.

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3. Eskrima



Never heard of the word Eskrima? Don’t worry, we got you covered.

Eskrima (also known as Arnis or Kali) is a name for a Filipino martial art that makes use of a number of different weapons, including blades, knives, and… sticks.

The latter thing is the basic weapon used by Nightwing. He always uses two sticks, one per hand, making better use of it than probably anyone else would in the DC Universe.

But getting a proper Eskrima stick for your Nightwing cosplay may not be easy on the first sight. Yes, there is an official replica of the weapon, but it was released only in 500 sets, making it incredibly expensive thing (currently over thousand bucks on Amazon).

However, we have something good in exchange. We offer you an incredibly cheap (only $7) stick that is actually used by people who practice Eskrima.

It’s made of foam, so it’s not gonna hurt anyone, and we bet you can easily re-paint it, making it looking more like actual Nightwing’s weapon.

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4. Investing Into Upgrades



Have you ever thought about adjusting cosplay of a specific character to your own imagination? Making its costume – in your opinion – better than what designers originally prepared?

We, in case of Nightwing, would like to make his badass, soldier version. Keep the spandex, of course, but add to it also something that would keep him safe from the worst creatures he may need to fight.

Consider then this – get yourself this body armour protector for bikers, take a blue spray can and tag it with a proper Nightwing marking.

You will surely make impression on a cosplay event with this badass version of your favourite superhero.

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5. Watch Out for Your Legs!



In fact, a hardened, upgraded version of Nightwing’s costume was officially introduced at least once: in one of the most recent Batman video games, Arkham Knight.

And that outfit taught us one thing – that as a superhero, you don’t only need to cover your torso, but also your legs. You never know on what you gonna fall!

Taking this into consideration, we looked for a perfect knee protector for your new, upgraded version of a Nightwing’s costume.

Finally, we found this one: sustainable, good-looking, easy to put on. And, what for some of you may be the most important thing, relatively cheap.

So hop on and get ready to finish up your new Nightwing cosplay.

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6. Superhero Parkour



Okay, you got us – we forgot about one very important thing. Something that you can not go out of home without. No matter if you are a superhero, or just a regular citizen.


The ones that Dick Grayson (and many other ike him) is wearing, are long and black. Yeah, we also don’t understand why superheroes didn’t start wearing some comfortable sneakers like the rest of the world. But sorry – we can’t change the lore by ourselves.

Instead, we can recommend you this one specific pair of shoes. It comes in quite decent number of sizes and will fit also other cosplays that you may once prepare, like Kylo Ren cosplay, Assassin’s Creed cosplay, etc.

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7. The Dead Presidents Collection



If you read the article well, you probably remember, that we promised you not only pieces of your future Nightwing costume, but also gadgets related to the character. And now it’s the time for… something between both of those things.

Because let’s be honest – no matter if it’s chilling at home or being at a cosplay event, man’s gotta eat. And to buy some superhero burger or hot-dog, you need actual money. Sorry, nobody will accept a list of bad guys whose butts’ you kicked.

And as a true Nightwing, you should also have your Nightwing wallet.

Yeah, we know none of the comics showed anything like this. But trust us – we have some people down at the DC. Nightwing actually has this special wallet

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8. Drive-By



Are you coming to a cosplay event with your car? Or maybe you just want to show that you are a superfan of Nightwing at your school or work?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, we’ve got something for you. This special licence plate frame screams NIGHTWING loudly enough and its not the only great thing about it.

It’s also made of a high-quality plastic and is supposed to be in a good condition for over seven years. That means seven years of driving a… NIGHTMOBILE?

Guess Dick Grayson would like that name.

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9. B&W



The last thing on our list is a classic gadget. Something that you not gonna bring to any event, but rather put on your shelf at home and smile to it every morning and evening.

We truly love this specific Nightwing figurine because of one thing: it comes in black and white only. It’s a special series of Batman-related statues that quickly became popular among comic book fans.

Of course, there are more cool things about this statue. It’s a limited edition (only 5 000 sets in the world) and was designed by Jim Lee. If you are into comic books, you surely know who he is. If not, you should Google it RIGHT NOW.

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