9 Wolverine Cosplay Picks That Will Make Your Whole Family a Logan Family

Wolverine is definitely one of the most brutal superheroes in the Marvel universe. He slashes, he crushes, he kills. It is a dark character, and many find his charm actually in this cold vibe of his.

But today, we would like to change the atmosphere a bit. Of course, we will recommend some great outfit pieces that you can stun all the cosplay event’s attenders with. At the same time, however we will also give you a couple of advices on how to make your family… a Wolverine family!

Below we deliver you a list of nine items that will make your whole house wolvie-happy: from the kids, to the dog!


1. Hack & slash


We rarely start our lists with weapons. But in case of Wolverine, it MUST be done, as the weapon is, in fact, what makes Wolverine so easily recognizable.

Originally, Logan’s unique claws were a part of his body, hidden deep in his hands and ready to appear at any moment. Of course, if you are not desperate enough to become an object of a dangerous surgery, you need to think of some other way of acquiring Wolverine’s weapon.

Thankfully, internet is full of its replicas. The one we would like to recommend is definitely one of the best among them, imitating the original perfectly. If you squeeze your fist enough, it even looks the claws are indeed going out of your skin. Doesn’t it sound awesome?

Get these Wolverine Claws on Amazon.


2. (Not) a regular guy

Wolverine appeared in comics and movies in lots of different outfits. In fact, he doesn’t really need a specific one. He can just go fight anyone on the way with a t-shirt and boxers.

But Logan has his own style. In movies, he happened to appear sometimes in a black leather costume, in which he looked like a member of a local bike gang. “You don’t wanna get in my way, kid” – the costume seems to say.

Now, you can get one for yourself. It’s pricey, that’s true, but totally worth it. And, moreover, it’s made of artificial leather, so no worries – no animal was hurt in order to make this costume. What about people? Well, you might want to ask Logan about it…

Get this Wolverine PU Leather Costume on Amazon.


3. Yellow is the new Black

Do you know that James Mangold, the director of the two recent stand-alone movies about Wolverine (yes, the ones starring Hugh Jackman), criticized once the character’s original yellow outfit? He said: Nothing seems less Wolverine-like than the desire to put on a trademarked outfit , particularly canary yellow, and kind of prance about doing good deeds and have people go, “Oh my God! It’s The Wolverine!”

But even if now the Logan’s outfit has changed, the classic yellow one is still loved by many fans. That is why we decided to include the costume on our list.

The one we present is a product officially licensed by Marvel, so you don’t have to worry about the quality. You can hop in it for the cosplay expo, dress-up party, or any other event you might think of.

Get this officially licensed Wolverine Classic Costume on Amazon.


4. Behind the Mask

The bundle we have shown you just before includes the classic mask of Wolverine – we know. But we couldn’t stop from showing you one more variation of it.

This product is in the top-tier of quality. Just check the reviews and photos posted on Amazon by customers who bought it. It looks EXACTLY like a real Wolverine’s mask and will probably fit your head perfectly.

To be honest, we would recommend adding this mask to any Logan’s costume you are planning to prepare. It will definitely add a great vibe to the outfit and make you one of the best Wolverines at any cosplay event.

Get this Wolverine mask on Amazon.


5. The Unforgettable


But cosplay is also about small details. The best cosplayers in the world pay attention not only to the most basic part of the outfit, this one that will make them recognizable by crowds, but also about those things that only hardcore fans of the character will notice.

Number five on our list is exactly one of these small details. It’s Logan’s dog tag – the same one as Hugh Jackman was wearing in the movies.

The model we present is a bit rusty, imitating oldness of the replica. One side of it says LOGAN, the other WOLVERINE. On both sides, the famous number can also be seen: 45825243-T78-A.

Get this Wolverine Dog Tag on Amazon.


6. Don’t Play with Sharp Objects

We said we will provide Wolverine experience for the whole family and we will keep our promise. Let’s start with the kids and – just like in case of the adult costume – with Logan’s weapon.

Giving a child the claws we recommended earlier might not be the best idea. Sharp objects and matches are the commonly-known things that a kid should not get in their hands. So how to make your little ones a real Wolverine?

Get them this claws made of foam! The weapons is totally safe for children – they can even fight with it, training their battle abilities. Who knows – maybe one day, when you finally pass them your own, adult claws, they will be better in using it than you?

Get this Kids Foam Wolverine Claws on Amazon.


7. The Little Hero

After getting the claws, the rest is not a problem. Just like with the adult version, there is also an officially licensed Wolverine classic costume for kids!

It’s made by the same company, Rubie’s, known for making these kind of costumes for years. Once again then – you don’t have to worry about the quality. Your kid can play with it all the time, jumping and pretending to fight imaginary monsters.

And there’s also one more cool thing about this outfit. As it is canary yellow, it will be super easy for you to find your kids on a cosplay event, in case they get lost!

Get this Kids Wolverine Classic Costume on Amazon.


8. The Wolver Woman


Did you know that there actually is a Wolverine Woman? Her name is Laura Kinney, and she is both a clone of Logan, as well as his adopted daughter.

She started her superhero career as X-23. Finally, however, she became the Wolverine itself, adapting both the name and costume of her father.

The outfit is a tribute to original, old-school look of Logan’s character. It mixes canary yellow and blue, making also use of the classic mask. The latter is not included in the version of the costume we would like to present you, but you can easily use the same mask we already have recommended earlier.

Get this Wolverine X-23 Costume on Amazon.


9. Logan, the Dog

So we covered husband, wife, and the kids. Who else we got left to have a full, typical Wolverine family? Of course – a dog!

And we got one more interesting fact on the way. There actually is a character in Marvel lore named Dog Logan. He is the half-brother of our favourite Wolverine. Grab “Wolverine: Origin” comic to learn more about him and his relations with the more famous member of the Logan family.

But in this, we are not presenting you a costume of Dog Logan. Instead, we found a Wolverine costume for your dog! It’s insanely cute, so we believe it will make your dog the favourite pet of the neighbourhood.

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