Amy Nicole Cosplay

Who is Amy Nicole?

Amy is a cosplayer from US, FL. She is really active cosplayer in Social Media ( Instagram + Facebook ) with almost 10,000 Facebook Fans and 4000 Followers on Instagram.

She also has a online show where she sells her posters to support her cosplayer community.

Amy Nicole Scorpio ♏ Cosplayer 👘 Science Geek 🔬 Crime Fighter 🥊 #TeamFirestorm y Geeky Gimmicks Admin 🤓 Kingdom of Cosplay Admin

Amy Bio

What started as a once-a-year Halloween escapade had turned into a downright obsession for this young cosplayer. After her first convention in 2013, she realized what she’d been missing out on. She’s turned cosplaying into her creative outlet, always striving to master new skills and share her knowledge with others. With a handful of awards and over 30 cosplays under her well-equipped utility belt, she’s quickly making allies out in the cosplay world!

Looking forward to many adventures to come… ’til next time, heroes and heroines!



2016 Infinity Con Costume Contest Judge and Panel Host
2016 Geek Fest Cosplay Guest
2016 Comic Fest Cosplay Guest
2014 CGA Best Props – Supernatural Group (Sam Winchester)
2013 CGA Best Video Game Costume – Lara Croft


Amy Cosplay Portfolio

Arwen, Lord of the Rings
Black Widow, Iron Man 2
C3PO, Star Wars
Fem Constantine, DC
Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz
Elektra, Marvel
Esmeralda, Flux Fiction (original)
Freddy Krueger, Nightmare on Elm Street
Huntress, Grayson Comics
Lady Punisher, Marvel
Lara Croft, Tomb Raider
Lori Grimes, The Walking Dead
Mary Jane Watson, Marvel
Neverland Mermaid, Peter Pan
Queen Gorgo, 300
Princess Leia, Star Wars
Princess Serenity, Sailor Moon
Silk Spectre I, Watchmen
Sam Winchester, Supernatural
Savage Pocahontas, Disney
Scarlet Witch, Avengers
Uhura, Star Trek


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