Our 7 Favourite Maid Cosplays

Most of the cosplayers choose to wear a costume of some specific character. One can choose a warrior from their favourite anime, another feels more enthusiastic about wearing a superhero costume from the newest Hollywood blockbuster.

Sometimes, however, cosplayers do not want to focus on any specific character. Instead, they want to be perceived as a representative of a broader group. They dress-up as a random zombie, a king or a queen, a green-skinned alien.

Many of those kind of cosplays are inspired by the Japanese culture. Among them, there is the concept of a cute, sexy maid, that many want to follow.

Today we will focus exactly on that concept. We chose for you the best 7 maid cosplay costumes we found on the web. From the most classic, to the more unique ones.

We hope that among them you will find something interesting. And even if you may not wear it for a cosplay event, maybe your partner would be happy seeing you in it?


1. The Japanese Classic



This may be the most classic maid cosplay option on our list.

It’s very Japanese-styled, and therefore it has this cute, lolita vibe. Short dress, apron, hair accessory typical for maids that appear in manga and anime.

Some may think it’s too much or that’s it faking the reality. But we know that among cosplayers there are people who love this kind of style and that they would be proud of having a costume like this in their wardrobe.

However, with costumes like this, you should be careful when choosing the correct size. Japanese are usually much smaller and slimmer than people from the West, and therefore their Large size may be even more like European or American Small.

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2. The Rainbow



Our next choice is actually quite similar to the first one. It definitely has this Japanese vibe – the style is quite similar, with only some details being different.

So why we choose to recommend you also this costume?

The thing that really attracted us to it, is the variety of colours offered by the shop. Sure, you can order the classic, black costume. But why not being a bit more unique?

We chose to present you this product with its green version, as this kind of colour is rarely seen on maid costumes. But if you don’t necessarily like it, you can always order pink, blue or even a yellow one!

The choice is very broad, so we are pretty sure you will find something for you in that offer.

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3. A True Lolita



Another variation of manga/anime-style maid cosplay. This time, however, the costume has a specific vibe of something we would call… goth lolita.

The whole thing is kept in black and white, but do you see the specific sleeves the outfit has? They are getting wider the closer they get to the hand. This special aspect of the dress definitely makes it unique in the crowd of other maid costumes.

The set is actually based on an outfit from a specific manga and anime, titled Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World. It includes a story about two maids from a different dimension, Rem and Ram, who wear similar outfit as the one we present.

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4. In a Chinese Hotel



Our fourth pic is not a Japanese-style outfit. We are, however, still sticking with the Asian vibes.

This time we would like to recommend you a Chinese-style maid costume. This unique set is a combination of something broadly referred to in the Western world as a „Chinese jacket” (we bet you saw one somewhere!), and a short dress.

We can imagine that similar outfit is actually used by some of the Chinese restaurants around the world. It definitely looks more realistic than Japanese-style maid cosplays.

The costume comes in black and red, which is a combination not often seen in the manga or anime telling the stories of maids. It will definitely get you attention of everybody around!

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5. Pizza for Breakfast



Alright, we must admit – number five on our list is definitely the weirdest thing you will see in this article.


First thing – the hat. We have no idea where anyone who created this costume seen a maid wearing this kind of stuff. Is it a hat of a witch? Or maybe a rich lady coming for an expensive dinner party? We don’t have a clear answer, but we DO truly love this piece of art.

The second weird element of the outfit is the sign on the bottom part of the dress: PIZZA HUT. Once again, we have no idea how anyone came up with an idea of putting this on the dress.

But yeah – we still love how weird the whole set is. If you are trying to be REALLY unique, the set is definitely for you.

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6. and 7. The Low-Key Disney Princess



But let’s be honest, maids are not characters appearing exclusively in kinky manga and anime. Recently, quite similar character has been a main protagonist of one of the most grossing Hollywood movies – the real-actors version of Beauty and The Beast.

And this time, we offer you two different costumes at the same time.

First one is a classic Belle (the „Beauty” from the movie) outfit. When we say „classic”, we mean 1991 – the year in which a Disney animated „Beauty and The Beast” has been released.

The outfit is much different than the ones we showed you before. It’s more puritan than any of the Japanese-related costumes: the dress is long, kept in calm, white and blue colours. It’s not supposed to be sexy – it must be useful in the French village, where the story takes place.

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On the other hand, we also have for you an officially licensed dress of the 2017 Belle (played by Emma Watson). The concept is similar (long, puritan dress), but at the same time, the details make the whole set a bit more extravagant than simple version from the animated movie.

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