Top 8 Things To Make Your Rey Cosplay More Intergalactic

In the times when women are rising and fighting for equality, movie industry is also trying to include strong female characters. Among these movies, there are also the new Star Wars films, which so far included notable heroes like Jyn Erso and Vice Admiral Holdo. But the most popular leading female character from the galaxy far, far away is now definitely Daisy Ridley’s Rey – the young Jedi, trained by Luke Skywalker himself.

Both adult women and young girls are now idolising Rey, and often cosplaying her. Would you also like to have your own costume of this incredibly important character for the new Star Wars saga?

If yes, we’re here to help you! We found 8 items that will allow you to go out for a cosplay event in a perfect Rey costume!


1. The Force Awakens

The first thing on our list is the basic outfit of Rey, from the first movie she has appeared in – Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens. We present you a replica of the costume in which she fought Kylo Ren for the first time and in which she brought a new hope for the Rebellion.

The outfit comes with all the basics needed: top, short pants, detached sleeves and even a belt with a pouch. The whole thing is full of bright colours, including even some silverish parts. It also comes in a few different sizes: from S to XL.

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2. The Desert Storm

The second costume on our list is an enhanced version of the first one. It includes not only the basics, like the top or the belt, but also a few more items that are related especially to Rey’s time on the planet of Jakku, where she was raised.

The list consists of pieces that are incredibly important in order to survive on such a sandy land as Jakku: hood and eye mask. There is also a fighting stick that Rey was using long time before she put her hands on a lightsaber.

If you want to look like Rey during her really first appearance in the saga (remember that introductory scene with BB8?), this bundle is a choice for you.

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3. The Last Jedi

But if you are trying to keep up with the latest news and at the same time you are a hardcore Star Wars fan, you probably would like to have the most recent of Rey’s outfits. In The Last Jedi, the character appeared in a different costume than before, and we also have an access to it.

The new outfit of Rey’s is a bit different than the previous one, although they share some similarities, like detached sleeves and 3/4 pants. The Last Jedi costume, however, looks a bit warmer than The Force Awakens one, so you might think about putting it on twice if you are going for a summer cosplay event.

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4. Patience You Must Have, My Young Padawan

But not only adults admire Rey. As the number of young Star Wars audience is growing, thanks also to the animated series like Clone Wars and Rebels, many kids start to inaugurate their entrance into the cosplay world with outfits of Luke, Leia or Han.

Rey, however, is still of course a popular choice. Thanks to her being a part of the newest Star Wars trilogy, she is appealing to the newest generations of girls, who want to be like her.

We couldn’t miss the opportunity to help these kind of kids – here is a full Ray Jakku costume for young padawans.

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5. As Silent As An Ewok


The problem with a number of costumes you can get online is that they either include some really crappy shoes (which sometimes are even more like socks than proper boots) or they do not include any shoes at all. If this happens to the costume of Rey that you have chosen – we got you covered.

We present to you Rey-inspired boots made of pleather. They are available in a great number of sizes, so they can complete both your adults and kids costume of the Jedi. You can possibly also use them to make happen some of your other cosplay ideas, especially the ones related to the Star Wars universe.

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6. The Way Of Darth Maul

As we have already mentioned, before she used the lightsaber for the first time, Rey was defending herself using a long staff. In fact, she also appears with it in The Last Jedi, still using it sometimes instead of the iconic Star Wars weapon.

Because some of the cosplay bundles listed here do not include this stick, we decided to start with it our weapon section of the ranking. The staff comes in three pieces that you can connect together to recreate the original.

After putting it up together, the whole stick measures 3.5 feet. This should be enough to defend yourself from all of the creepy aliens on the streets.

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7. & 8. The Lightsaber

There is lots of interesting facts behind the lightsabers. In the early concepts of the Star Wars universe, they were supposed to be a common weapon in the galaxy, and not something carried only by the Force-users.

Finally, however, George Lucas decided to give “lazerswords” (as they were called in the beginning) only to Jedis and Siths. In the newest trilogy of Star Wars, lighsabers are very rare due to lack of Force-users. Rey, therefore, so far had to use Luke’s and Anakin’s old weapon.

Who knows, maybe it will change in the upcoming movie, as the lightsaber has been destroyed in “The Last Jedi”? So far, however, Rey is still known as a user of Skywalkers’ weapon. Because of this, your cosplay should make a us of it!

Today, we would like to offer you two different variations of the lightsaber. First one is more like a toy. It’s made of foam, so it’s safe to fight with, even if you give it to your kids.

Get this Rey’s foam lightsaber on Amazon.

The second variation is, however, something that may be more of a fun for hardcore “Star Wars” fans – a detailed replica of the iconic lightsaber. Compared to some other similar products, the price of this one is relatively low. And although it’s only a .45 replica, it should still be enough to make both your shelf and cosplay much more intergalactic!

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